We are a Spanish manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the metal industry, specialised in the design and production of lifting towers which are characterised as being highly innovative, efficient and safe. In this website you can find our Lifting Towers for the entertainment industry as well as our Material Lifting Towers for industrial use (for maintenance, installation and construction companies).

The common factor of these 2 divisions is our great commitment to quality in the development of each project and the continued pursuit of excellence in every Lifting Tower model we manufacture.

Our head office is found at our premises in L’Alcúdia, a town that is only 30 km from the region’s capital, Valencia (Spain) with more than 5000 m2 for our design and project offices, our prototype and testing workshops, our factory and machinery areas (cutting, welding, painting, assembly etc.), quality control department, warehouse and packing departments, sales and marketing departments and our customer service department.

At the heart of our company is our technical team of engineers who are dedicated to developing lifting towers and wind-up stands of the highest quality and efficiency, and our sales and post-sale staff who offer a fast, competent and professional customer service.

We manufacture over 30 models of lifting towers with compact designs which offer the user a safe and practical option to lift many types of loads. Thanks to this wide range of models and their versatility to be used for so many different tasks along with our adaptors designed for functionality, our towers can be used in numerous fields and are well known for their high quality and durability.

Since 1983 we have experienced a fast and constant evolution and growth, quickly adapting to the ever changing market requirements and continuously improving our manufacturing systems. Thanks to our large distributor network over the 5 continents and our presence at the main national and international trade shows GUIL export just over 89% of their total production to over 90 countries worldwide.

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