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GUIL, synonymous with quality, safety, innovation and efficiency, offers a wide range of wind-up stands and lifting towers designed to meet the needs of multiple industries.

Our products are world renowned for their high quality and reliability, all thanks to a rigorous quality control process which guarantees that they have the best finish, ensuring at all times that they come up to the standards set by all the products we make.

Our main goal is to improve day by day, guaranteeing maximum safety with the highest quality. We believe that the merging of innovative designs with advanced manufacturing technology together with the use of the best raw materials, a strict quality control throughout the design, development and production processes, along with an excellent customer service are what have made us a leading company in the industry.

Due to this and our ongoing investment in R&D, GUIL has become a prestigious brand and carries on firmly heading towards its main goals: Quality, Safety and Customer Service.

GUIL offers professionals:

  • Maximum Safety & Durability.
  • Flexibility and cooperation.
  • Innovative ideas.
  • 100 % Service. Availability of all spare parts.
  • Customised products.
  • Prompt Delivery – Large Stock.
  • Products made in Spain.

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