ACT-04S Aluminium load platform for a-range toro material lifts

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Load platform for lifting of irregular sized loads. This practical aluminium load tray slides on to the TORO material lift forks and is secured using neodymium magnetic locking pins.

Net weight: 2.66 kg (5.86 lb)

▪ Speed up your lifting tasks

The ACT-04S load tray is quickly and easily fitted onto the forks (no tools required) and can also be used as an auxiliary table, making work easier, consequently saving on time and increasing productivity.

▪ Extremely versatile

The ACT-04S load platform is designed to manoeuvre, lift, position and install a large variety of materials that due to their heavy weight and irregular shape would be difficult to handle.

It can also be used as a portable work table to repair heavy loads (engines, compressors, etc.)

▪ Manufacturing

The ACT-04S load tray adaptor is manufactured in sturdy aluminium preventing rusting problems. It has a diamond plate finish giving it high non-slip qualities.

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