BULL500/2 Brake winch. Maximum Load: 400 kg

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BULL500 auto-brake winches offer the easiest and safest way to raise and lower heavy loads.

BULL500 winches have been specially designed for lifting loads in compliance with the German Standard: BGV D8 and 2006/42/CE

This multiple application winch has an automatic braking system; self-activating automatic brake holds load in position when handle is released.

Winch Features:

– Sturdy zinc plated steel structure to guarantee superior corrosion resistance (In compliance with Renault standard D17 1058).

– Indoor & outdoor uses. Domestic and industrial applications.

– BULL500 brake winches are made in Spain. 100% Service. Availability of all accessories & spare parts!.

– Protected jagged parts (Fully guarded for protection).

– Designed for multiple applications such as: manual Hoist, raising or lowering boats, pulling cars, caravans, crane purposes…

– BULL500/2 Winch is provided with two handles, ergonomically designed for easy handling.

– Its two crank handles are removable for easy winch storage; preventing damages during its transportation.

– BULL500/2 Winch can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

– The build quality and materials used will ensure long life, providing a safe, easy and fast way to operate.

– Lightweight and compact design for an easy handling.

– Maximum Load: 400 kg.

– Net Weight: 10 kg.

– Drum Capacity: 20 m.

– For wire ropes of 6 mm thick.

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