POLI/4 Manual hoist with a maximum lifting capacity of 2.000 kg

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POLI/4 is a manual chain hoist with a maximum load capacity of 2000 kg (lifting height: 6 meters).


  • Automatic brake hoist. Self-activating automatic brake holds the load when the hand chain is released.
  • Provided with double load and hand chain.
  • Hand chain galvanised.
  • Strengthened steel shafts, pinions and hooks (fully manufactured in steel).
  • Grade 80 loading chain.
  • Pinions, hooks and shafts with ball bearings.
  • Height with a reduced space lost.
  • Roller bearing which helps the smoothness of the operation.
  • Tested according to the norms of the European Materials Handling Federation and European directives 89/392/CEE, 91/368/CEE, 93/44/CEE and 93/68/CEE. Norm UNE 58-915.
  • Dimensions: 414 x 161 x 187 mm
  • Net weight: 20 kg
  • Chain diameter: 6 mm
  • Effort required: 360 Nw

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  • Overall height: 6.60 m
  • Maximum load: 800 Kg

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