ULK-A5 Adaptor to fly line array systems

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Practical adaptor for a quick and secure flying of Line Array systems using ULK lifting towers. (Check the maximum load capacity of the tower)
The adaptor is fitted and raised in the following way:

1. Insert the adaptor on to the ULK forks.

2. Tighten the securing knobs of the adaptor until you achieve a perfect fit to the forks.

3. Once the adaptor is properly secured to the forks fit the Line Array system to it.

4. Raise the load, following the ULK instructions, directly from the ground.

We make adaptors for both 50 mm and 60 mm forks.

* ULK-A4 is for 60 mm forks, for towers: ULK 600, ULK 600/N, ULK 600XL,ULK 600XL/N, ULK 650, ULK 650/N, ULK 650XL, ULK 650XL/N, ULK 800, ULK 800/N, ULK 800XL and ULK 800XL/N

* ULK-A5 is for 50 mm forks, for towers: ULK 400, ULK 400/N, ULK 500, ULK 500/N and ULK 800/200


Net Weight: 3.90 Kg
Colour: Black
Material: Steel


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